ADSM assists its students with a comprehensive range of programs, services facilities to support each student’s academic and personal pursuits. Our primary objective is to provide our students with the resources necessary to create for our students a supportive environment that catalyzes learning, personal development, and career preparation.

Academic Services

Academic Services provides support to the Undergraduate School in many capacities. These include personal and academic support for all undergraduate students, program support for faculty in the deliverance of an integrated curriculum, and the monitoring and implementation of the School’s academic policies and procedures. The office advises students about their academic program, and assists them with consultation and referral for academic concerns as well as personal, cultural, and social concerns and quality-of-life issues.

The office provides the following programs and services:

  • Academic advisement;
  • Coordination of the Orientation program;
  • Specific class-based programming;
  • Services for students with learning differences and physical disabilities;
  • Support with difficult personal issues;
  • Coordination of the Dean’s List;
  • Support for students in academic difficulty or on academic probation; and
  • Transfer Student support processes, and curriculum delivery for integrated academic programs.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Academic and support services are available for qualified students with learning disabilities and ADHD, medical and psychological conditions, and sensory and mobility impairments. Students interested in receiving services are responsible for identifying themselves to Disability Services, along with providing qualified and current documentation of their disability and need for academic accommodation(s). Students are strongly encouraged to contact the manager of Disability Services at the outset of their academic career at ADSM.

Center for Career Development

The Undergraduate Center for Career Development mission empowers students to create their unique path for success and to impact an evolving global community. The Center for Career Development offers the following services:

  • Counseling & Assessment Services- The CCD staff is available to meet with students for individual appointments to provide job and internship search strategies, and during drop-in hours for CV and cover letter critiques and to provide immediate support. CCD also offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to assist students in the career decision-making process. This preferences-based personality assessment may inform a student’s approach to the job search and assist students to identify particular areas of interest.
  • CCD offers an array of programs designed to enable students to build job and internship search skills as well as to learn about a variety of career-related topics and direct industry advice. Programs are delivered in multiple formats both online and in classroom settings. The following are examples of skills-based workshops:

    • Strategies for Finding an Internship
    • Speed Networking
    • Marketing Yourself: Writing Effective CVs and Cover Letters
    • Strategies for Successful Interviewing
  • CCD invites guest speakers, including faculty, alumni, and employers, to participate in a variety of career exploration activities, such as the following:

    • Industry-specific, employer-site visits
    • Career Expo and Internship Fair
    • Employer CV Critique Night
  • CCD offers both print and Web-based resources designed to support students as they explore and research industries and career opportunities. Examples of these resources include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Online career exploration
    • Online job and internship resources
    • International career resources
    • Graduate school resources

Student Clubs & Organizations

  • Student Clubs - For a more enriching experience, ADSM encourages students to create clubs and participate in club activities. The basic steps to create a new organization at ADSM include:

    • A commitment from at least five other students who will assist you in starting up the organization.
    • A faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as your adviser.
    • A meeting scheduled with the coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership to start the
      registration process.
    ADSM shall determine whether a proposed organization is eligible for recognition and funding.
  • Student Affairs - The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for organizing social, educational, and cultural programs on campus. The Office of Student Affairs shall plans campus-wide events during the academic year. These events are open to all ADSM students and their guests.

Health &Outreach Services

ADSM provides outreach and programming that will increase students’ awareness and make information available on a wide range of health topics. It is our commitment to provide resources that will help ADSM students develop life skills to assist them in making responsible choices about sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, stress management, relationships, eating concerns/disorders, and other health-related behaviors. To this end, ADSM shall designate a Health & Safety Administrator who shall oversee all health and safety related programs, including the following:

  • Personal Counseling- A counselor shall be available to students for the provision of personal counseling and support for issues ranging from stress management, peer and family issues, social engagement, emotional wellness, etc. For more serious issues beyond the scope of ADSM’s personal counseling, the counselor shall refer the student to a qualified medical professional who is licensed to operate in the UAE.
  • Nutrition Counseling- A nutritionist is available to work with students individually and in groups. Topics of discussion can include eating concerns/disorders, weight management, eating for optimum athletic performance, eating “on the go” and general nutrition concerns.
  • Eating Concerns/Disorders- A team consisting of a clinician, a nutritionist, and a therapist will work with students who are diagnosed with an eating disorder.
  • Stress Management- Many opportunities exist to participate in stress management programs, including yoga, exercise, meditation, step aerobics, etc.
  • Sexual Assault Resource Group (SARG)- The SARG program provides resources, support, and advocacy to victims of sexual assault and abuse. As advocates, SARG volunteers assist students by providing information about medical and community resources, as well as options regarding legal, personal, academic, and School disciplinary issues. SARG consists of volunteers drawn from the faculty, administration, and staff. SARG strives to educate the ADSM community about issues of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment.
Financial Services

Student Financial Services provides services to students and their families in the areas of financial aid, financing options, and student accounts. Financial Services staff is available to help with any of the following:

  • Assistance applying for financial aid;
  • Assistance understanding your student account and payment options;
  • Recommendations about financing options;
  • Loan/debt counseling;
  • Planning finances for all four years; and
  • Emergency loans and advances (on a limited basis).

International Student & Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is dedicated to serving ADSM’s international community. ISSS staff members assist international students and scholars by providing comprehensive advisory and support services, and by working with various campus departments to ensure a smooth transition and a successful experience for ADSM students. ISSS supports international students and scholars by providing advising services on immigration, employment, academic, social, and cultural issues, by supporting intercultural clubs and organizations, and by promoting cross-cultural awareness and global leadership on campus.

Campus Development & Services

The Office of Campus Development & Services provides a wide range of assistance—building security, shuttle service, lost and found, fire safety and detection, crime prevention, escorts, law enforcement, and emergency ADSM OneCard replacement—24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

ADSM assumes no responsibility for damage to any vehicle while it is parked on ADSM property, during towing, or while in the possession of the towing agent. Please note that any car parked in a space not designated for students may be ticketed and/or towed. In the interest of community safety, and to reduce vandalism and theft, please remove all valuable articles from your car and lock it when not in use.

ADSM considers unauthorized parking in handicap areas a serious offense, and violators may be ticketed and towed. Please honor handicap parking spaces.


Education records are records, files, documents, and other materials maintained by ADSM which contain information directly related to a student.

ADSM maintains the following general records:

  • Admission and current education status records are maintained in Academic Services. These records are open to students and may be reviewed by appointment. ADSM students will be provided copies of ADSM transcripts, degree audits, and their original student essays. Should a student require a transcript, he or she must complete a transcript request in writing at the Registrar’s office.
  • Security and law enforcement records are retained by the Office of the VP of Finance & Administration.
  • Disciplinary records are generally maintained by the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Affairs Offices. Students may review these by appointment.
  • Financial aid records are maintained by Financial Services. Students may review these by appointment. Students are not permitted to review their parents’ financial records, unless the documents were jointly signed and submitted by the parents and the student, or if the parent has given written permission.
  • Campus Development & Services also maintains student activities and campus records.
  • School Honor Committee records are kept by the adviser of the Honor Committee. Students may review their records by submitting a written request to the Honor Committee adviser. An appointment will then be made to review the appropriate records in the Student Affairs’ office. In certain instances, records will be redacted to remove references to other students.


The Academic Records and Registration Office manages course registration for students and maintains the student transcript, an official record of transfer credit and course work completed at ADSM. The Registrar’s office evaluates course work and certifies graduate and undergraduate degree candidates prior to issuing a diploma.

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