The Abu Dhabi School of Management's academic, research, and supporting programs achieve a macro-level, strategic alignment with the Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda, and the mandate of the Abu Dhabi Chamber- both of which serve as proactive engines of sustainable socio-economic growth for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Alignment with Abu Dhabi’s Policy Agenda

This instrumental document is held as the government’s prime source of information regarding its current and future goals, initiatives, programs, policies and aspirations. More specifically, the Agenda enumerates nine pillars which are essential for the establishment of a secure society and dynamic, open economy. The pillars which ADSM directly supports are:

  • Premium Education
  • Creation of a Sustainable Knowledge Based Economy
  • A Large Empowered Private Sector

Alignment with the Abu Dhabi Chamber

Through its focus on management and entrpreneurship, ADSM will suport the Chamber's efforts to strengthen and diversify the private sector, thereby aligning with this key pillar of the Agenda. Within the economics regime, it seems well established that there exists a direct relationship between strong management competencies, entrepreneurship and economic development and diversification for both developed and developing nations.

It is distinctively the managing entrepreneur's ability to commercialize innovation which results in the creation of new enterprise, new jobs, new goods and services, new markets, diversification, an increase in productivity and competition, and further innovation- all of which serve as independent yet interrelated engines of private sector growth and diversification.

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