International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is dedicated to serving ADSM’s international community. ISSS staff members assist international students and scholars by providing comprehensive advisory and support services, and by working with various campus departments to ensure a smooth transition and a successful experience for ADSM students. ISSS supports international students and scholars by providing advising services on immigration, employment, academic, social, and cultural issues, by supporting intercultural clubs and organizations, and by promoting cross-cultural awareness and global leadership on campus.

International Student & Scholar Services focuses on:

  • Immigration – ensuring that international students and scholars understand how to obtain a visa and to maintain lawful student/scholar immigration status in the UAE.
  • Employment – helping students maximize their educational experience with practical training work authorization.
  • Academic and Social Adjustment – assisting students/scholars in making the transition to ADSM and in the UAE as easy as possible
  • Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness on Campus – reinforcing that self- awareness and a broad perspective and understanding of a variety of cultures are requisite to succeed in a global environment
  • Supporting Intercultural Clubs and Organizations – providing supportive environments that showcase our international community's unique cultures and reinforcing the importance of diversity as a crucial component of the ADSM educational experience.
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