The Abu Dhabi School of Management’s academic direction is guided by the following core values.

To Enhance the Learning Experience

A vital function of the School is to educate students to appreciate the complexities of the human experience and to prepare them to engage actively, entrepreneurially and productively both in their careers and as global citizens of their communities. Recruiting qualified students and providing them with an entrepreneurial education are keys to our broad mission and to our success as an innovative, high quality educational institute. The academic programs and experience we offer must be appropriate to the aspirations and futures of our students, and must meet society’s need for the qualified global knowledge worker.

To Enhance Research, Discovery and Creativity

ADSM is distinguished by its focus on leadership and entrepreneurship from economic and cultural perspectives of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and of the UAE. The School achieves this focal breadth through a unique “academic model” which integrates advances in business and management education, research & development methods, the Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda and Abu Dhabi Chamber’s mandate. Fundamental to this model is the role research plays in creating new knowledge and understanding global business and management best practices. Equally fundamental is the implementation of such practices in Abu Dhabi, documenting, synthesizing, and disseminating them in the community in the form of research papers, short articles, whitepapers, seminars, workshops, and conferences for the benefit of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the Gulf region.

To Promote Entrepreneurialism

Comprehending and resolving today’s increasingly complex socio-economic issues warrants an interdisciplinary approach. Our students acquire a solid interdisciplinary background as entrepreneurialism is inherently an interdisciplinary study. The 2006 Kauffman Panel on Entrepreneurship Curriculum in Higher Education explains that “As a magnet for the authentic integration of varied fields of learning and as a bridge between theory and practice, entrepreneurship is a superb vehicle with which to achieve the aims of the broad, effective, and integrated learning that marks a strong college education. ”

To Support the Socio-Economic Development of Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi School of Management’s academic, research, and supporting programs are strategically aligned with the Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda and the mandate of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, which aim to achieve a secure society and dynamic open economy.

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