The Bachelor of Science in Business Management program contains a ground-breaking feature called Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) where students receive funding to start and run a real business, sell actual products and services, and make real money as part of coursework. Building on the classroom curriculum, the SLE experiences reinforce and expand classroom learning through hands-on activities that require students to put theories into practice. The focus is not only on the development of the business skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing global environment, but also to give the students the skill sets necessary to manage themselves and others in this context.

Specifically, the SLE’s:

  • Allow students to experience Entrepreneurial Thought and Action;
  • Give relevance and context to primary course material;
  • Are supported by Just-in-Time self learning modules that build practical knowledge and skills;
  • Demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of business; and
  • Develop soft-skills such as team work, interpersonal communications, formal presentations, time management motivation.

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